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iPhone X Repair

Free Diagnostic Service

Once we receive your device we will run a battery of tests and diagnostics to pin-point the problem. We will then contact to you with a detailed quote...

iPhone X Screen Repair
Contact us for a price!

Broken or malfunctioning Glass, Touch screen, Display Repair.
**Glass+LCD : Not fully functional(cracked LCD / touch not working / picture quality issue).

iPhone X Charging port Repair

Does your iPhone X have a damaged charging port? You might not be able to charge your iPhone or even plug the usb cable in! Don't let it get you down.

iPhone X Battery Repair

Has your iPhone X battery performance diminished? Don't let it get you down. iPulse Repair is here to help and our Premium iPhone Battery Service is easy.

iPhone X Back Glass Repair

This repair is for an iPhone X with a broken back glass. The back glass has Black(Dark Grey), White color options (or special colors).